Young Musicians Contest Winners

The Young Musicians Contest, first held in 2008, was designed to foster the development of young local flutists by exposing them to a healthy competitive environment and allowing them to receive constructive comments from professional flutists in town.

The contest is divided into four age groups: ages 8 and under, 9 to 11, 12 to 14, and 15 to 18 years of age, with the requirement that the students must currently be in high school or the home equivalent.

A searchable archive for contests 2014 and later may be accessed here.

2023 (details)
Ages 8 and under: Lucy Kessler
Ages 9-11: Umi Shirai da Costa
Ages 12-14: Emily Leng and Angela Zhang
Ages 15-18: Melody Shen and Michael Stoica

2022 (details)
Ages 8 and under: Avery Misbach and Rose Revekka Nordvig
Ages 9-11: Rebecca Dorneich and Amos Lageschulte
Ages 12-14: Queenie Dai
Ages 15-18: Meredith Daly and Emily DeNucci

2021 (details)
Ages 8 and under: Umi Shirai da Costa
Ages 9-11: Siyeon Park 
Ages 12-14: Melody Shen
Ages 15-18: Sadie Goodman and Celine Hong

2020 (details)
Ages 8 and under: Elisa Fowler
Ages 9-11: Ilaria Hawley
Ages 12-14: Sasha Blackman, Megan Huang,
   and Michael Stoica
Ages 15-18: Harper Love and Lara Tsibelman

2019 (details)
Ages 8 and under: Thomas Wazelle
Ages 9-11: Sooah Jeon
Ages 12-14: Emily DeNucci
Ages 15-18: Joanna Lau

2018 (details)
Ages 8 and under: Amos Lageschulte, Caleb Pinder
Ages 9-11: William Garrity, Semin Kang
Ages 12-14: Yi-Hsien Eu
Ages 15-18: Hyejin Cho, Madeleine Park

2017 (details)
Ages 8 and under: Taejin Shah
Ages 9-11: Emily DeNucci, Thomas Vukic, Albert Zhou
Ages 12-14: Faith Shim
Ages 15-18: Audrey Emata

2016 (details)
Ages 8 and under: Ella Cohen
Ages 9-11: Sadie Goodman, Kay Considine
Ages 12-14: Nadira Novruzov
Ages 15-18: Jonah Murphy


2015 (details)
Ages 8 and under: William M. Garrity
Ages 9-11: Sophie Malagraph
Ages 12-14: Sean Marron
Ages 15-17: Jamie Morein

2014 (details)
Ages 8 and under: Kay Considine
Ages 9-11: Sophia Reyes, Claire Kwak
Ages 12-14: Audrey Emata, Jonah Murphy
Ages 15-17: Yibiao Wang

Ages 8 and under: Margaret Yan 
Ages 9-11: Audrey Emata
Ages 12-14: Stephanie Pizza, Elle Abitante
Ages 15-17: Chung Eun Chae, Melissa Cheng

Ages 8 and under: Cara Toback
Ages 9-11: Nadira Novruzov
Ages 12-14: Eleanor Bent
Ages 15-17: Anna Thompson

Ages 8 and under: Nadira Novruzov
Ages 9-11: Elle Abitante, Alex Sherman,
Ages 12-14: Yibiao Wang
Ages 15-17: Ji Hyuk Park

Ages 8 and under: Sophia Elena Reyes
Ages 9-11: Stephanie Pizza, Ryota Yamaki
Ages 12-14: Hae Jee (Ashley) Cho
Ages 15-17: Luis Diaz

Ages 8 and under: Nadira Novruzov
Ages 9-11: Amy Zhang
Ages 12-14: Chung Eun Chae
Ages 15-17: Christen Sparago

Ages 8 and under: Esther Song
Ages 9-11: Michelle Phillippi
Ages 12-14: Melissa Aleles
Ages 15-17: Claire Maby