Past Flute Fairs

The New York Flute Club held its first flute fair in 1994 and has held a fair in most of the following years. The event features a rich array of concerts, workshops, and lectures, the annual competition, and industry exhibits. Featured themes, guest artists, and honorees are listed below. A searchable archive of flute fair programs from 2014 and later may be found here

2023   The Joy of Flute Playing: Marco Granados
2022   I Just Wanna Play: Valerie Coleman
2021   A Virtual Toolbox: Julien Beaudiment
2020   2020 Vision: Looking back and moving forward, with flutists of the Metropolitan Opera: Seth Morris, Stephanie Mortimore, Maron Khoury, and Koren McCaffrey
2019   The Kincaid Connection: Jeffrey Khaner
2018   Flutists without Borders: Karl-Heinz Schütz
2017   The Notation is Not the Music: Barthold Kuijken
2016   Vive la Flûte!: Philippe Bernold
2015   Chasing Your Dream: Claire Chase
2014    Flutists of the Metropolitan Orchestra: Stefán Höskuldsson, Denis Bouriakov, Stephanie Mortimore, and Maron Khoury
2013    Natural Expression: Lorna McGhee
2012   The Dynamic Flute: Amy Porter
2011   The Singing Flute: Paula Robison
2010   Body & Soul: Jean Ferrandis
2009   The French Connection: Mathieu Dufour
2008   Out of This World: Robert Langevin
2007   Star Track, Setting Your Course: Carol Wincenc
2006   Expanding Horizons: Rhonda Larson
2005   The Barrère Legacy: Leone Buyse
2004   A Day at the Opera with principal flutists of the New York City and Metropolitan Operas: Bart Feller, Trudy Kane, and Michael Parloff
2003   Robert Aitken
2001   A Tribute to Jean-Pierre Rampal
2000   Bonita Boyd
1999   Aurèle Nicolet
1998   Julius Baker, guest of honor
1997   Flutists of the New York Philharmonic: Jeanne Baxtresser, Sandra Church, Renée Siebert, and Mindy Kaufman
1995   Paula Robison
1994   Jean-Pierre Rampal