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Henry Brant: Music for Massed Flutes


Performances by leading NYFC members, past and present, of massed flute works by Henry Brant, one of our most important contemporary composers. This recording of Angels and Devils (1931) is a re-mastering of the historic LP released on CRI in 1956, with Frederick Wilkins as soloist and Henry Brant conducting. The assisting artists are a Who's Who of mid-20th century New York flutists.

The Mass in Gregorian Chant for Multiple Flutes (1984) is scored for as many flutists as possible with approximately twenty percent of the flutists doubling on piccolo, all playing material provided in the Graduale Romanum for masses sung on June 16. Ghosts and Gargoyles (2001) is scored for solo flute (also playing piccolo and bass flute) with an octet comprised of piccolos, C flutes, alto flutes and bass flutes, plus a jazz drummer. It was envisaged as a quasi-sinister 70-years-later sequel to Brant's much-performed Angels and Devils. Both works feature soloist Robert Aitken, who gave the New York premiere of Ghosts at the 2003 New York Flute Fair. 

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The Club gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the Aaron Copland Fund for Music, which made the project possible. More about this project may be found in our NYFC Newsletter archives: an interview with project coordinator Jayn Rosenfeld (December 2003), a 1948 photo from an Angels and Devils rehearsal (November 2006), and an  interview of Henry Brant (March 2003).

Ghosts and Gargoyles (2001)

for solo flute and orchestra of 3 piccolos, 5 flutes, and 2 alto flutes

Robert Aitken, soloist and conductor

Kathleen Nester and Svjetlana Kabalin, piccolos
Bart Feller and Paul Taub, flutes
Stefani Starin and Sue Ann Kahn, flutes
Dianne Aitken and Patti Monson, bass flutes
Jeffrey Kraus, drum set
Donato Cabrera, assistant conductor

Mass in Gregorian Chant for Multiple Flutes (Mass for June 16) (1984)

Robert Aitken, conductor

Dianne Aitken, Leslie Allt, Alice Barmore, Ardith Bondi, Laura George, Lucille Goeres, Emily Hodges, Don Hulbert, Rochelle Itzen, Sue Ann Kahn, Karl F. Kraber, Gerardo Levy, Katherine McClure, Karen Purpura, Jayn Rosenfeld, Seth Rosenthal, Pamela Sklar, Stefani Starin, Paul Taub, Barbara Williams, and Patricia Zuber, flutes

Angels and Devils (1931) for flute and flute orchestra

A re-mastering of the historic LP released on CRI in 1956

Frederick Wilkins, solo flutist
Henry Brant, conductor

Samuel Baron, Frances Blaisdell, Philip Dunigan, Harold Jones, Andrew Lolya, Claude Monteux, Harry Moskovitz, Murray Panitz, Lois Schaefer, and Kenneth Schmidt, flutes, piccolos, and alto flutes


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