2020 New York Flute Fair

New York Flute Fair 2020

2020 Vision: Looking back and moving forward

Guest Artists: Seth Morris, Stephanie Mortimore, Maron Khoury, and Koren McCaffrey, flutists of the Metropolitan Opera 

Saturday, February 29, 2020 • 8:30 am - 8:00 pm



Join us for a full day of concerts, masterclasses,
the NYFC competition, workshops, clinics, exhibits, and more!  

   W83 Ministry Center
   150 West 83rd Street
   New York, NY 10024

Admission (note that the listed fees include the preregistration discount)
    NYFC member: $40 ($10 higher at the door)
    Non-member: $60  ($10 higher at the door)
    Full-time student: $25 ($5 higher at the door)
    Non-flutist family member attending with a full-time student: $5
    Non-flutist guest: $40  ($10 higher at the door)
    Senior citizen, age 65+: $25 ($5 higher at the door)
    Special teacher rate (requires pre-registration of 3 students): $30

    The single fee covers the entire day's events.

 online form (due by February 24)      mail-in form (must be postmarked by February 20).

Interested in volunteering? Check the "volunteer" box when you register and/or email volunteers@nyfluteclub.org. Sign-up sheet here.

Presentations by our guest artists: Seth Morris, Stephanie Mortimore, Maron Khoury, and Koren McCaffrey 

Repertoire: Seth Morris will work with three students on standard repertory of their choice.
Opera Excerpts: Maron Khoury will work with three students on standard required audition repertory, list to be sent upon acceptance.
Piccolo: Stephanie Mortimore will work with three players on technique and piccolo repertory of their choice.
TO APPLY: Interested flutists should send a recording of two contrasting works or movements, a short bio (up to 100 words), and contact info to Masterclass Coordinator Jessica Taskov at jessicaaurataskov@gmail.com by February 5.

GALA CONCERT: The flutists of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, Seth Morris, Chelsea Knox, Maron Khoury, Stephanie Mortimore, and Koren McCaffrey, perform works of Boismortier, Christopher Theofanidis, Verdi (arr. Linckelmann), Telemann, Bozza, and Richard Strauss (arr. Kane).

For more about the MET flutists, view the video of Michael Parloff's 2014 roundtable conversation with Maron Khoury, Stephanie Mortimore, and former principals Denis Bouriakov and Stefán Höskuldsson. 
     Part 1 touches on the flutists' geographically diverse backgrounds, early training, practice habits, and persistence in the face of discouragement. Part 2 provides some "shop talk" about the special challenges and rewards of being a flutist in the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. 

Our Flute Fair Presenters

Concerts & Lecture-Recitals

NEW YORK FLUTISTS CELEBRATE 100 YEARS OF THE NYFC: New York Flutists, an ensemble directed by Soo-Kyung Park, plays the piece that started it all, the Kuhlau Grand Quartet, plus the flamenco-inspired Bamburia by Wil Offermans and Stained Glass Images by Sonny Burnett.

THE NEW YORK FLUTE CLUB AT 100: A lecture on the NYFC’s fascinating history by archivist-historian Nancy Toff. With historic recordings and live performances of works by Marion Bauer, Otto Luening, Ezra Laderman, and Toots Mondello that were premiered at the club, played by Trudy Kane, Mindy Kaufman, Deirdre McArdle, Kathleen Nester, Rie Schmidt, Wendy Stern, and Carol Wincenc.

OPERA AS MUSICAL TRAINING GROUND: Trudy Kane, former principal flutist of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, gives a lecture-recital on the wonderful nuances of operatic music.

Activities for Students

YOUNG MUSICIANS CONTEST WINNERS CONCERT: Hear the youngest stars of the future, from elementary to high school levels. 

ENSEMBLE READING SESSION FOR YOUNG MUSICIANS: Caroline Sonett-Assor, coordinator of the Young Musicians Contest, leads a flute choir session especially for students. Bring flutes and stands.

STUDENT ENSEMBLE SHOWCASE: Ensemble directors, please contact Jenny Cline (jnjcline@comcast.net) if your ensemble wishes to perform.

Workshops, Presentations and Special Events

Morning Warmup: The Mindful Fluter with Abbe Krieger, founder of The Buddhist Flutist

Pain prevention and self-management: An interactive presentation with bandleader and retired orthodontist Chip Shelton

Focal Hand Dystonia and the Working Musician: New Horizons. Panel with Stephanie Mortimore, MET Opera piccoloist, Dr. Steven Frucht, professor of neurology at NYU; and percussionist Eric Phinney; moderated by Caity Massoud

How to Encourage Your Students down the Path Less Traveled: Tips for teachers with Hilary Abigana

Preparing for competitions and auditions: Jeiran Hasan of Western Illinois University helps students and teachers prepare.

The Kincaid School and Whistle Tones: Jonathan Brahms discusses the use of whistle tones for embouchure and sound development and demonstrates how you can get these delicate, fragile sounds to appear in the overtone series.

Mindful Practice, Time Management in the Real World: How to fit quality practice time into our lives, a roundtable chaired by Met Opera flutist and piccoloist Koren McCaffrey. Be a part of the conversation!

The Mature Flutist: Common Physical Problems and Proposed Pedagogical Solutions: Flutist Korinne Smith suggests innovative solutions to the most common physical challenges that mature non-professional flutists face.

The Sound That You See—Movement Analysis of Flutists: Australian flutist Simone Maurer explains how Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) can improve flute performance and  pedagogy.

Annual Flute Fair Events

New York Flute Club Competition: The NYFC Competition has been recognizing rising artists for more than four decades. Previous winners have gone on to distinguished solo and orchestral careers and teach in top conservatories and colleges. Preliminary and final rounds of our 2020 competition for flutists ages 18-27 will be held at the Fair. The winners will receive a cash honorarium and will be featured on the April 19 concert of the regular NYFC concert series. Information and application forms are available here. For further information, contact competition chair Kaoru Hinata at kaoruhin@gmail.com. Applications must be postmarked or submitted online by February 1, 2020. This year’s required piece is our centennial commission, Gabriela Lena Frank’s Five Andean Improvisations.

Exhibits: Flute vendors and makers, music publishers, and other members of the music industry will exhibit their products. This is the perfect opportunity to shop for a new flute or look for newly published music.

NYFC Table & Tag Sale: Visit the NYFC table for CDs and publications by NYFC members and guest artists. NYFC members may sell up to 10 items at the exhibit table. We’ll also have a Tag Sale of used music and flute-related items, this year including a large collection of interesting music from the library of the late Gerardo Levy; contact Nancy Toff at nancy.toff@oup.com or bring sale items the morning of the fair.

Adult Ensemble Reading Session: Former NYFC president Jayn Rosenfeld leads an ensemble reading session for adult flutists. Please bring flutes and stands.

Raffle: Win a lesson with Met Opera flutist Maron Khoury. Tickets $5 or 5 for $20.

Venue Information

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Flute Fair Personnel:

Program Chair: Deirdre McArdle (contact at deirdremcardle49@gmail.com)
Registration: Katherine Saenger (contact at klsaenger@yahoo.com)
Volunteer Coordinators: Frances Lenci and Nicole Schroeder (contact at volunteers@nyfluteclub.org)

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